Ep 71: Politics & Musicals: 20 Years of HAIRSPRAY

This week’s episode is a little different because it’s two podcasts in one! It’s a collab between David Armstrong’s Broadway Nation and Dirty Moderate With Adam Epstein.   My podcast is all about the history of the Broadway Musical, and Adam’s is all about current American politics […]

Posted on 5 hours ago

Brooklyn Nets need to play hardball with Kevin Durant’s desired destinations of Miami Heat or Phoenix Suns

Here’s a novel idea for Sean Marks, the general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, as he navigates Kevin Durant’s demand that the superstar be traded to some very specific teams: To hell with player power. Say it nicer than that, of course. Use charm and […]

Posted on 5 hours ago

Why Cartier Was All Over Thom Browne’s Fashion Show

No one is better than Thom Browne when it comes to marshaling rich and famous men into a uniform of the designer’s choosing. It began when the well-heeled demo eagerly donned his famously shrunken ankle-baring gray suits, the cornerstone of his brand and business. And […]

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Fighting Customer Fraud and Leveraging Relationships – Small Business Show Episode 311

It’s time once again for a Small Business Therapy session! On this episode of the Small Business Show, co-host Shannon Jean describes (rants?) his frustration to Dave Hamilton with a customer fraud situation and asks about the best methods to avoid fraud in the future. […]

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  • Here’s my Tinggly Middle East Experience that made my adventure more exciting, thrilling, and fun! I’ve been to the Middle East a lot of times since I’ve visited lots of countries there. However, I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, but finally! I […]

    4 days ago

    Virtual reality technology could strengthen effects of traditional rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis

    Dr. Carly Wender supervises a research participant in a VR exercise training study at Kessler Foundation. Credit: Kessler Foundation/Jody Banks In a recent article, Kessler Foundation scientists advocated for the incorporation of virtual reality (VR) technology in cognitive rehabilitation research in multiple sclerosis (MS). They […]