Our Relationship to “The” Plant

By Ms Faith

Love. Plant. Medicine. Healing. Supportive. Homeostasis. Essential.

Just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the beautiful cannabis plant this Earth has been blessed with.  A plant that our ancestors and we have been blessed to be intimately acquainted with throughout millennia, cultures, and lands. Just as we all have different paths — we journey on to spirituality, our different ways of connecting with our spiritual Creator and nurturing that relationship. We all have different paths and ways of connecting with weed and nurturing our relationship with it. Our relationship with ganja, much like our relationships with ourselves & others, is important to maintain and examine from time to time. 

When? Where? What? Who? How? Why?

Your personal answers to these questions are of utmost importance. Throughout time there have been several attacks on our relationship with the holy herb, attacks that only our knowledge & strength of our relationship with marijuana has helped us to withstand. I grieve when I think of all the people whose lives could have been saved or prolonged by benefiting from the healing this plant offers, healing that our bodies’ endocannabinoid system recognizes immediately. However, governments, oil companies, capitalists, and misinformed religious propaganda have violated and disrupted our connection to the ancestral and indigenous knowledge of the true science of this plant. The science we knew before science knew what to call it. 

As a woman of Rastafari, who grew up in the Nyahbinghi House in Toronto, born & raised in Canada, the legalization of my holy sacrament has only made me more acutely aware of the importance of holding firm in my relationship to sensimilla and my knowledge of it. As the daughter of someone who lived through the Coral Garden atrocities and a Black/Métis woman living in Canada, I’m constantly aware of the violence and brutality inflicted on Black and Indigenous peoples. The legalization that Peter Tosh inspirationally called for us to envision — is not the one that has been designed for us to take part in. The way legalization has unfolded, it has not provided the same access, privilege, and opportunities to the very people who have been fighting and defending this plant throughout history. Legalization is a perfect reflection of the institutional racism that exists in every fiber of North American society. I’m also aware of the numerous benefits and opportunities that informed legalization can offer our communities.

I highlight these things to reinforce the fact that our relationship to and knowledge of cannabis is more important to maintain and uphold than ever before.

The ancient African tribes, the ancient Chinese shamans, the Hindu sadhus, Rastafari, and everything connected and in between — has done great work to keep our connection to this plant alive and we must nurture it forever. Respect it as the rest of the plant family that supports our health. We don’t describe vegetables and fruits in different categories like medicinal and recreational. We simply enjoy them and use them in our everyday life. We know depending on the growth quality, and form of consumption, these things affect how we benefit from these plants. The cannabis plant is no different in this regard. The weeds of the plant world are no different in this regard. 

In this pandemic time, where we are practicing social distancing, & many of our ill have been left unsupported by our overloaded health systems, guard and utilize our ancestral knowledge of health and well-being to support ourselves and our communities. The medicinal and holistic properties of kushumpeng exist in all forms of its intake. Other than smoking, additional methods such as vaping, edibles, tea, oil, salves, steam chalice, juiced, or fresh in a salad, are all healthier ways of using this wonderous plant to support our optimal health. 

We, the people who have loved, protected, and defended weed throughout time, space, and misinformed societies, shall always reserve with us the power to do so while teaching & healing nations as we know cannabis is meant to.

Keep the relationship tight, keep it healthy, keep it safe, keep it sacred, & keep it pure!

Peace & Love,

Ms  Faith

Ms. Faith is a multi-disciplinary creative who is a writer, poet, singer, and herbal connisseur. She’s performed at open mics and poetry events across Toronto and is currently working on unreleased works.

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