From seed to ash my plants bring me joy. Whether tending to my garden or smoking up, they help me escape the sometimes overwhelming world we live in. Growing for myself, my friends and family gives me a sense of pride for being self-reliant. Times like these show us how important self-reliance really is. The plants rely on me and in many ways, I rely on them. From seed to ash.

DJ Hotknives

Weed opens my mind to see, that everything in my surroundings is a reflection of me. Right now The universe is forcing us to slow down, forcing us to reflect and go inward. Lately, my “high thoughts” have been inner revelations, beautiful moments between me and myself. After smoking last night, I sat in my bed and thought “there is no more war”. No more war between myself and what I thought I had to fight for so long. I wonder what I will reflect on today. 


Smoking has always given me peace of mind. However most recently I find smoking has been able to life me out of negative thinking spaces. As I’ve found myself feeling very negative through this pandemic many many times. Having this pause on life has turned me to dealing with trauma that I never realize I had. Peace of mind is more essential than ever for my mental health. 


High in the house and I’m in the house high. During quarantine its what I do to get me by, I stay relaxed and my anxiety is managed. Balance is key and the weed is what keeps me in harmony.

A state of tranquility is reached & I try to keep the momentum that may peak. As an introvert, I am at peace & I appreciate weed during the quarantine. Covid-19.. staying positive is key, why stress about what’s not in your control, Everything you need to accomplish your goals is already within you. Pray for better days and maintain to stay sane. 


I often find myself sifting through memories in my mind’s file cabinet.

I come across one that catches my attention, smile and sometimes cry, then place it back gently, so if we’re to ever share this file, it would remain intact


I feel like Covid-19 was a huge reality check. It showed me how vulnerable our jobs, our health and livelihoods can be subject to unexpected change. Its quite scary, thinking of how many people have and will fall victim to the virus. Weed keeps me positive amidst all this anxiety. I realize how covid-19 has taught us all how adaptable we can be. It’s also the first time in a long time that we have had to work together worldwide to achieve a common goal.

Anonymous 2

My connection to this herb is forever evolving and changing. A smoker through and through, I never thought I could replace the simple joy that smoking a joint brings me. Recently, I have found a new way to enjoy weed. Oils have a magical effect, both in appearance and effectiveness. If you ever get your hands on some trim, I highly recommend spending some time to create this long-lasting alternative. Stay healthy my friends.


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