Front cover of the Weeds Issue

Introducing The Weeds Issue

Dandelions, thistles, and crabgrass are some familiar weeds that we’ve seen people in movies, on tv, and in real life fighting against to achieve the pristine look of a perfect front lawn (read: symbol of clas- sism and colonization). However, all three of these “weeds” have actually been sought after for decades for their medicinal uses: dandelion for liver support and detoxification, thistles for use as a tonic and diuretic, and crabgrass as a nutritious staple grain for many people. This issue of The Peak challenges the perspective of “weeds” as unwelcome, and dives into the experiences of both acceptance and growth of all things and people that are perceived to be a nuisance. At the core of the issue we feature pieces about the most infamous weed of all, Cannabis.

You might want to read this because you’re interested in Winona LaDuke’s per- spective on “The Next Green Revolution”, or maybe you’ve been stuck in quarantine and are curious about how Cannabis is helping others get through the isolation. It’s possible (and highly likely) that Lalita Rose’s “The Power of Dandelion Root Tea” is “that-thing-that- you-never-knew-you-needed-but-now-can’t- live-without”. Whatever brought you here, we thank you for reading and we hope you find what you’re looking for in this issue of The Peak Magazine, “Weeds”.

Take Care,
The Peak Collective