by Sharrae Lyon

           Healing from ancestral trauma is no easy feat. In fact, it’s a revolutionary act done in private, it is done in the silences of our minds, hearts, our spirit guides and our ancestors. The process  is not out on display, to be judged or critiqued. It is the pathway to stepping towards our visionary futures as it requires us to step into the spiritual realms of our deepest and oldest past, to reintegrate with the authentic power we have within ourselves to push past our illusionary limits. For many of us, our inclinations on how life works may have been met with rejection by our families, and now we have to re-parent and re-pattern what we have known to be true our whole lives. Pattern to the ancient knowledge; that life is magic, life is what you make it, life gives you gifts worthy of development and nourishment.

For many of us, we may be holding responsibilities that don’t belong to us, and avoid the ones that do. The responsibility to heal our own wounds, not our lover’s, not our father’s, not our mother’s, but our own. Because that is the one and sole responsibility that we have the most leverage and influence and that will influence the changes and visions by mere virtue of stepping deeper into our authentic expression.

Our communities have been shamed into locking off our imaginations, holding ourselves hostage within our own cells. The violence inflicted on our bodies intergenerationally has sent an invisible message across space and time that you should not dream, should not envision your destiny, because it is unsafe. Yet look at what my people managed to accomplish in the midst of collective insanity. Past patterns can change.

Do not let your inner workings surrender to that which has attempted to annihilate you.

Remember your childhood knowings. Your vision of a better Earth. Ask yourself how much deeper can you feel? Along the journey, plant medicines have been so helpful in re-integrating back into my centre.

Yarrow most recently has been such an aid in supporting my Becoming. Below here is amessage, a reminder to all of us visionaries.

With love,


Yarrow Mental Fortitude and Will- Messages from Mother Yarrow

To envision your individual and collective futures, you must feel the presence of it NOW. You will not bring in more peace and harmony if you don’t embody it within yourself. The power of mental fortitude – aligning and yoking oneself to the thoughts and visions that give you peace and propel you to step into your purpose, with your heart and courage. I will assist you.

Lesson of Patience:

Slow down. Nothing worth the while is done without the gift of falling in love with the process. My leaves steeped in tea will help you to see your own belief systems, it will connect you to your Star family. Your star origins, only if you desire to know. But if you are trying to manifest more abundance to you that is deeply centred in your authentic expression and you need some help with keeping your thoughts aligned, yarrow will be a kind friend. Reminding you that what you envision is possible. Your relationships will improve, those that no longer vibe will go.

Letting Go:

At some point the heaviness will transform into light. What aspects of Self hidden in the dark will come to light, will become integrated. The voice of critique will transmute into the voice of guidance. Keep strong. Remember nature’s way, of fall leaves gently falling. Soften and build self-compassion. Your becoming is emerging.

Say Yes to Your Becoming:

Why deny the vision of yourself that contributes greatly to your community and family? That fills you with a wellspring of joyous clarity? Let not the mental chains of another trap you, let not the colonizer’s hopes be solidified in the quiet stillness of your mind. Let go, and say yes to your brilliance. At first it may be small steps, in time towards building momentum towards the newly formed you, by You, day by day.

When you drink me allow your mind to traverse and listen closely to the courage emanating from your heart and solar plexus. Feel your presence. I will support you in remembering how to live within your body as your mind finds the path to answers to problems awaiting to gift you your treasures. Your glory. Your legacy towards an Earth that is abundant. An Earth that all are free to be. Mix in a little of my sister Lavender to calm your nervous system, especially those of you healing from intense psychological and emotional trauma. Sweeten us with honey.

Sharrae Lyon

Sharrae Lyon

Sharrae Lyon is a facilitator, writer, filmmaker and public speaker. Her work is grounded in  reframing mental health as transformation.

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