Lakeside Hope House

By Kimberly Lyons

Illustrations by Bang Ly 

Lakeside Hope House is an organization that believes “community is the opposite of poverty”. When asked to write about Food Justice it was important for us to include the insights of community members experiencing poverty.

We are all about accessibility at HOPE House in order to foster belonging and dignity within the community. We wondered if the term “food justice” was an accessible concept for all and so Kimberly sat with community members in conversation about what food justice means to them. She asked their permission to record their responses to the question, “What does food justice mean to you?” and to photograph their headshots to be rendered into pencil portraits by Bang. 

Kimberly Lyons, Communications and Events Lead, is a playful and unapologetic feminist and social justice worker, passionate about involving HOPE House in advocacy initiatives. Kim is also a certified Death Doula and fully committed to a life devoid of “what if ’s”.

Bang Ly –Ongoing Support Manager at HOPE House, is a portrait painter from Guelph, ON. Bang works in oils and pencils and primarily focuses on depicting the life and warmth of the subject behind the painting.

You can find his work on Instagram: Superbang