Reproductive Justice

Introducing tHE Reproductive Justice iSSUE

         Welcome to the Reproductive Justice Issue of The Peak! You might notice that this issue is huge (larger than usual) and full of amazing art. We put a lot of work into this one and are very excited to share it with you! 

A while back we tried to write the call out for this issue. It took a while. How do you write a call out for reproductive Justice themed articles when reproductive justice is literally connected to every part of our lives? We tried the best we could to encapsulate what we meant and the result is beautiful.

In these pages you will find the thoughts, experiences, histories and visions of people across movements. These writers are building a future where our communities can grow, live and learn in a way that honours the earth, the future generations and our legacies. Each person, coming at it in a completely different, unique way.


The Peak Collective