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Best suited for individual persons who prefer their magazines to be delivered right to their door!​


Best suited for organizations wanting to be a hub for community members to visits these locations and pick up the magazine for free.

Frequently asked questions

All of our current locations can be found in the following map:  

We put out four issues a year unless we have a special issue also launching, and all can be found on this website!


In order to reduce our carbon footprint and save on our delivery fees we are introducing pick up points! Every city in which we do distribution will have 1 or 2 pick up points where you can pick up your magazines instead of having them delivered to your organization’s door. Pick up point subscriptions are a more affordable way to go and helps us at the peak collective stay on point with our capacity. 

In the process of introducing our new subscription model we are still looking for pick up points for several cities. Becoming a pick up point comes with the benefit of a free subscription but also holds a bit of responsibility. If you are interested in becoming a pick up point please email at 

If your organization/business would like to subscribe but cannot afford the price please email 

Unfortunately our financial support for free subscriptions is only extended to organizations and businesses (with a few exceptions) as we offer our magazines for free online and at our subscription locations. 

However, if you are someone living in a remote area and have accessibility issues in respects to accessing the issue online, please email and we will arrange something. 

We currently offer free subscriptions to prisoners and immigration detainees across Canada. 

Your subscription helps to offset our delivery costs, ensures that we can continue to provide all of our contributors with equitable honorariums and allows for us to continue offering our magazine or free. 

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