A abstract colourful illustration of a side profile of a man the background is a various blues and greens. The text reads "Love & Dignity Beyond Bars & Borders. The Peak Navigating Deportation: A Guide to Legal Rights & Campaign Strategies Volume 59 Issue 1 Fall 2019"

Navigating Deportation:

 A Guide to Legal Rights and Campaign Strategies 


Welcome to a special edition of The Peak, Navigating Deportation. In your hands is a guide with resources, untold stories, tips for organizing, ways to navigate living without status and resisting a deportation order in Canada.

This issue was special to The Peak because we wanted to create something that would serve as an access point of information for those with precarious status within Canada. We also wanted to provide a safe platform for individuals who have lived through these experiences to share their stories of triumph and tribulations. These pages also include helpful tips from organizers and community members who are working in solidarity with individuals without status.

We ask that you share this issue widely with family, friends, neighbours and coworkers; it is our hope that this resource kit will reach those who need it the most.


The Peak Collective


Front Cover Artwork: Favianna Rodriguez 

My Gardening Journey

Weeding out colonial ways and reclaiming my roots By Tresanne Fernandes Growing up, every summer I would find myself in the airport bathroom in London disposing of plant cuttings. I felt bad that Nana had taken the time to prep them. I felt worse on the phone a few weeks later when she would ask me how the plants were doing. I didn’t want to garden and I wasn’t allowed to cross back to North America with them anyway. I think eventually she picked up on the fact that we didn’t share that hobby. But, since 2018 when I started gardening,…