Navigating Deportation:

 A Guide to Legal Rights and Campaign Strategies 


Welcome to a special edition of The Peak, Navigating Deportation. In your hands is a guide with resources, untold stories, tips for organizing, ways to navigate living without status and resisting a deportation order in Canada.

This issue was special to The Peak because we wanted to create something that would serve as an access point of information for those with precarious status within Canada. We also wanted to provide a safe platform for individuals who have lived through these experiences to share their stories of triumph and tribulations. These pages also include helpful tips from organizers and community members who are working in solidarity with individuals without status.

We ask that you share this issue widely with family, friends, neighbours and coworkers; it is our hope that this resource kit will reach those who need it the most.


The Peak Collective


Front Cover Artwork: Favianna Rodriguez 


By: Isaac Murdoch Illustration by: Isaac Murdoch Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples from around the world have freely roamed, following the natural rhythms of Mother Earths’ cycles. This ability to roam freely helped preserve the diversity of languages and traditional governments, as well as strengthening bloodlines and relations with other tribes.  This was critical for sustainable economies, which every Indigenous person depended on. Trading food sources, medicines, and knowledge was extremely valued and all dependant on the right to free and safe travel. I remember this style of living on the land as a child.  Back in my youth, we…