by Queen Tite

In 2016 I embraced my beauty, owned my sexuality, harnessed my power, and let it all shine. I chose to channel this light into my relationship with myself as my own muse. I saw unapologetic Beyoncé in me. I saw dapper Janelle Monae in me. I saw mouthpiece Butterscotch in me. I saw soothing Akua Naru in me. I saw Concha Buika in me. I saw Nubian Badu in me. This is why it is so very important for Black women to not only be represented in our media, but in our communities as well.

Michelle Obama has inspired me. Nneka has motivated me. Iyanla has healed me. Patrisse Khan Cullors welcomed me. These women invoked a deep love within me. 

Raw by Queen Tite

The visuals of natural queer beauties with Locs and Afros that look like me at Afropunk, truly renewed my deep faith that what I do, what I create, who I am, is needed and wanted. This prompted my current NATTY (Natural And True To Yourself) Photoshoot titled ‘Melanin’.

In this collection I celebrated the strength, the beauty, the raw sensuality of Melanin. I paired that with the purses I paint, the images I create to express how I feel, like a proud Weirdo, mysterious Queerdo.

Because I am seeing Black women in the media, music industry, modelling world being positively and dominantly rising to the top, it allows me to dream bigger, create more, take chances, dance with risk, and let my own Melanin shine.

About QueenTite:

I’m a winnipeg born, west coast grown, toronto based multidisciplinary artist. I AM; a black, proud, queer, Hybrid. My roots are laid in art, activism, education, black liberation, poetry, love, and in constant pursuit of more love. When I’m not busy changing the world, you can find me devoted to my personal projects which include; Co – Founding Prosthetics For Foreign Donation & owning Black Heir.

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