By: Tunchai Redvers




walk on the land

the earth my ancestors cultivated

with their spirit

their stories interwoven into

the threads of root and grass

that whisper beneath my toes




and hear their laughter

hardened by resilience

but softened by the hope

that their generations of children

will walk

as I walk

and breathe strength

an unburdened will

to continue to speak the stories

that tickle my feet


Tunchai Redvers

Tunchai Redvers

Tunchai Redvers is a Dene and Métis queer/two-spirit social justice warrior, poet and wanderer, originally from Treaty 8 in Northwest Territories. She currently lives in southern Ontario where she is working towards a Master of Social Work, while running We Matter, a national nonprofit organization committed to Indigenous youth empowerment, hope and life promotion.