By Queen Tite

LEGACY: something given/received from an ancestor or from the past

HONOUR: a person of superior standing

I have been left with such valuable gems from my ancestors. Those I knew infused me with great stories, recipes, culture, and royal regalia. Those within, built a great path for me to follow. This is my legacy that I now pass on to those who are coming and have come after. I am now their ancestor. It is now my own story to tell. My own culture to pass on. My own duty to honour that legacy I was birthed into and value. That legacy I wear daily, proudly, unchanged. This is my testament to the “Hybrid of the African Diaspora’ that I AM.

As a youth my Nigerian, Yuroba Grandmother used to wrap my head in the most beautiful gele (headwraps) and send me to elementary school. I felt ROYAL! Abundant with color and purpose! She taught me about my lineage, my root, my foundation in Africa from which I originally came. She showed me by way of adornments, the beauty of my natural legacy. I learned that at times we need not make grand gestures, but subtle, confident, silent, movements can make the biggest impacts. And so, I went to school with my jeans and t-shirt  like the rest, but amplified with lineage, culture, and pride, wearing my ancestors on my head, headwrap style, unlike anyone but myself. I stood as a Nubian princess, long before culture was cool. Covert segregation and racism existed in my school time.

Yet I stood firm in my black beauty. Quietly, confidently, yet Grand AF!!! This was that moment I realized I received a gift from my ancestors. Past Grandmothers had done this to my Grandmother and her Grandmother and all the Nubian women who came before. The different styles and materials were my lineage to embrace, own and now share.

This lesson of confidence, of self love, of black love, of birthright, I pass on to the next generation. As I am soon to enter into my fourth decade of existence and wisdom, I take my place and duty as en elder and an ancestor to my community. I adorn youths, teens, adults, elders, queer folks, really anyone wanting to become reintroduced to ones ancestors through Art. I channel them, I carry the, I conjure them into existence, so they may live within us ALL. I see the God(dess) in me, I see it in you too!

I am proud to introduce to you:

‘Brand NewBeing’

Creative Director: QueenTite Opaleke

HeadWraps/Stylist: NATTY – Hair Art Roots

Purses/Wallets: Handpainted by NATTY – Hair Art Roots

Photographer: QueenTite/Prevail Media

Tribal Paint: Aureo Forson

  1. Culture Is So Fly – Muse: Kianna NATTY Purse: Back of ‘African Goddess
  2. Adorned in Color – Muse: Gabriella Headwrap: Black Sugar NATTY Art: Eye of Horus Pot NATTY Purse: ‘African Goddess’
  3. Joyful – Muse: Gabriella NATTY Purse: ‘Tribal’ Headwrap: Black Sugar NATTY Art: Africa Pot
  4. Princess to Queen – Muses: Keisha & Divine Tribal Paint: Aureo Forson MUA: Dominique Greene
  5. Crown – Muse: Lindeway Photographer: Prevail Media Tribal Paint: Aureo Forson MUA: Dominique Greene
  6. Brand Newbians – Muses: Dom, Aureo, Lindeway, Dele- O, Kamal, Divine, Keisha, Shamin Photographer: Prevail Media Tribal Paint: Aureo Forson MUA: Dominique Greene

I’m a winnipeg born, west coast grown, toronto based multidisciplinary artist. I AM; a black, proud, queer, Hybrid. My roots are laid in art, activism, education, black liberation, poetry, love, and in constant pursuit of more love. When I’m not busy changing the world, you can find me devoted to my personal projects which include; Co – Founding Prosthetics For Foreign Donation & owning Black Heir.

Instagram and Snapchat: @missqueentite

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