Honouring Legacies

Introducing Honouring Legacies issues

Hey Peak Readers!

The summer is over and we’re back with our newest issue entitled “Honouring Legacies”. In this issue we want to not only explore how we honour those who have come before us but how we have learnt from these stories to continue legacies of courage, survival and strength. For many of us, our histories are erased from the mainstream narrative of how things have gone down. We are taught about settler conquerors but not about the resistance and resilience of Indigenous people, we are told a whitewashed story about Dr. King but nothing about Assata Shakur. We are told about the men in the spotlight but nothing about the fierce aunties, dads, moms, midwives, healers, and youth. The mainstream media has never allowed us to celebrate our true histories and to carry those lessons into the future. This issue of The Peak include stories of connection with ancestors and spirit, healing the present through the past and what archiving history can look like in practice. Also, we would like to thank Mia and Kerronia for stepping in on short notice to be our guest editors.


The Peak Collective