The Peak cover of a women wearing a ski mask and her toddler on her back. the background is of red, pink and orange flowers with the moon phases hovering. It reads The Peak Healing Legacies Volume 58 issue 1 spring 2019 at the bottom reads free take one

Introducing The Healing Legacies Issue

Welcome to the Healing Legacies Issue. For this issue, we wanted to focus on a broad range of ways people find healing. So much of the time capitalism and mainstream media portrays individual healing as something separate from the communities around us and the liberation of all people. During the process of creating this magazine, we spoke about how we wanted to build something that emphasized that we are all connected and that we can’t fully heal until everyone is free.

Throughout this issue you will find stories of ways people are healing through celebrating histories of resistance, demanding justice, calling in the ancestors, exploring tools for healing; old wounds, and building the foundation for the generation to come. You will find stories, interviews, essays, poetry, and art that we hope speaks to you and helps inspire you.


The Peak Interns!

Front Cover Artwork by: Mer Young