Poems and artwork by Kamika Peters


He slinks away in the night

And returns in his home on wheels

Bedding made of the devil’s wrappers

A woman took an axe to his knee

He cut a woman’s face

A scar across her eye

I stayed invisible

when I went to school with her son

He wants to see me

He says he’ll pay

with cash

But he can’t afford time wasted

I used to fight through her to see him

Arms soft like fresh bread

But strong

I would sing my song at the door

Pools for eyes


She’s not in today





I would cry

Sit tight

I will be back

as quick as peanut butter

In a garage parking lot

during an Algonquin winter

He puts a lime in the cash box

For the wicked people dem

Bad mind people

be aware

But don’t mind

He is going in

I might be 26 or 29

He might be 49 or 52

Either one of could be dead

More for me for him to miss

More of him for me to forgive

More of me for myself to forgive

During the time


Lily of the St. Micheal

She throws her napkin at me

I don’t need to see inside

I know

It’s filled with the usual

Chewed grape skins

She laughs at me

Soft lips over hard gums

Hard knuckles in the air

She asks me if I want a sandwich

And sticks out her tongue

I shriek for her

I laugh with her

I am a cackling hen

I love her


She calls me monkey

In any other context

Other than her love

I would be upset

She sings me a song

About a brown skin girl

She laughs at the end of the song


After she’s gone I realize

She changed the ending

As sweet as the sugar spoons

For her Orange Pekeo

To me

I miss her everyday


Your mother twisted your words as if it was her tongue

Wove a narrative for you to be a saviour of which you never asked

Couldn’t hold you unless she was upheld

Couldn’t kiss you unless it was a spell

I am rooted in an understanding that I must convey to your foundation

To illustrate my love in words you should have learnt from birth

Nisam Mama


Kamika Peters

Kamika Peters

Kamika Peters is an odd, twenty-something years old budding multi-disciplinary artist who happens to be a black, queer, femme with disabilities born on Algonquin territory to West Indian guardians. Predominately self-taught and interested in exploring  complex truths in their identity, their trauma, and the oppressive paradigms that exist in their world using many mediums.