Book cover reads "Freedom farmers: Agricultural resistance and the Black Freedom Movement by Monica M White" the image is of different aged black farmers harvesting

Book review by Shabina Lafleur-Gangji

In her book, Monica M . White tells us a story of how Black folks in the  US have always used agriculture as a tool,  not just for survival, but also for liberation. She has done an impeccable job of meticulously searching through archives and interviewing community members to tell us about the legacies of people like Fanny Lou Hamer and George Washington Carver. Her book draws on the work of organizations like the Freedom Farm Cooperative and The Federation of Southern Cooperatives, which have been instrumental in the fight for emancipation, and connects their work to current initiatives like the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

This book left me feeling not only inspired, but in awe. Food justice is a tool of liberation. This book shows us how Black people have used agriculture to build housing, worker’s cooperatives, and schools to create a road map to freedom.

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