Vibrant illustrations of the various herbs and ingredients used to create the dish "Pilau". Including ginger and green banana. The backdrop is a bright red and the text reads "The Peak: Food Justice volume 59 Issue 2 Winter 2020"

Introducing The Food Justice Issue


You’ve got your eyes on our fantastic Food Justice issue, packed full of stories, interviews, and reflections that focus on our various connections to food. We’ve even added our own touch by including some of our favourite recipes!

Throughout these pages, you will find articles that explore how food insecurity impacts us in different ways. You’ll read the perspectives of incredible people like Trinidadian-born Chris Ramsaroop, an organizer with Justicia for Migrant Workers and the work from emerging fictional writer, Chyler Sewell.

We also tried to focus on the various initiatives people have spearheaded in order to combat systemic malnourishment by including voices like Cheyenne Sundance of Sundance Harvest and Anan Xola Lololi of Afri-Can Food Basket.

We hope this issue helps you feel inspired and connected to a broader movement of people working hard to build food justice and sovereignty.

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Bon Appetit,
The Peak Collective