by Boi (boh-eh) Beting


We always tilt on the losing end


Where death is just a step behind


We dare to take every challenge


When knocked by the power of change


We ask for nothing but life.


We dare to speak at very crucial times


When tribes are offered as sacrificial lambs


Yes, at the altar of Development and Peace


They say for unity and mutual benefit


There we lost our being, our land and breath.


We live for the love of our lowly people


We come to share their agonies and mourns


We bring their lamentations and their songs


In forum, in hearings and great halls


Hoping to find open ears and doors.


But here and there our sorrows grow


Sometimes even the Holy and the wise


Chose to be mute, deaf and blind


And the powerful and the mighty,


Oh how they love to grab our lands.


We know our battles are lope sided


And we always tilt on the losing end


But we do not have to fall on our knees


To claim justice, our dignity and peace


We just have to regain our strength.


We who dare must lick our wounds


Turn to Magbabaya1 to lift our thorns


We may have tilt on the losing side


But on his grace we can depend


We who dare are his seeds on earth


We who dare must keep moving on


Amidst strong surge and storms


Our domains we need to protect


And to Monama (God) we raise our case


He will lead us to our dream and rest.


Written at the height of our legal struggle in advocating for Indigenous Peoples rights in the bangsamoro basic law. Dedicated to the living movers and to the fallen. Posted by Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement (MPPM)


Boi (boi-eh) Beting

Boi (boi-eh) Beting

“Boi” means a womxn tribal leader in one of the tribes living at the foot of Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines. Boi B was uprooted from her roots at the age of seven and since then onwards, she lives a lifelong struggle to live and adapt with the mainstream community through which she earned an education and has been heavily involved in human rights related works. Contact: Guelph-based migrant worker support group Fuerza/Puwersa at for mailing address.