by Kamal Abbas Aadideva El

 Kamal El the narcoleptic, the street hustler, the instrumental composer, the lyrical writer, the martial artist, the magnetic marketer, the entrepreneur and much much more Beautiful black baby boy. No father, many of my peers suffer from this. My family was only my mother and younger brother, who was also father less.

I was an obedient child. My mother, being a Jamaican woman born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica until age fourteen, made sure I was disciplined. I remember when I started to change. I was going to Sister Mac school, which was directly beside our apartment building on 400 Kennedy St. A teacher Mr. N had grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. I was young and was unaware of how I should react. I told my mother and she told me to never let anyone put their hands on me. These words stand as strong today as the first day she told me this. Mr. N tried to get fresh once again that’s when I grabbed a chair and verbally let him know, “if you touch me I will hit you with this chair”. The blackballing of my character started in Sister Mac.

My first disability, asthma, was at age 7, though it was not severe it was my first. How did it affect me? Mildly, but there were times I waited for days staying home short of breath waiting for mother’s pay day so she could buy me a new inhaler. How did I get asthma? How did my respiratory system contract this disease that invades the lungs restricting the air passages? Unknown then, but I know now and will say in due time.

At age 9, I was involved in a car accident. I was the victim. I got hit by a car on Ellice and Arlington. The car hit me dragging me several meters while pinned under the front. The result was a broken right femur and severe head trauma. You can still feel the scar tissue in 2017 from that unfortunate yet fortunate night. Lucky me, I survived, but I was out of commission for 11 months before my cast was removed. The cast that went around my waist and down to the ankle of my right leg was finally removed after 1 month shy of a year. I was then in a wheelchair for another 6 months because I had to train my leg muscles to walk again. By the time I could crutch walk on my own I had went from skinny to overweight.

In 1998, I started having difficulties staying awake in school. For a 16 year-old child, it was out of the ordinary. After a year of constant doctor appointments our family doctor ordered a sleep study. My family doctor, Dr. Cowell, my child adolescence doctor Dr.Skinner, and Dr. Krugur my sleep study doctor, were my diagnosis team. The sleep study was an overnight monitored lab test. Electrodes were hooked up to my lower, mid, & upper body. The verdict after the results were analyzed and pointed to being narcoleptic.

Narcolepsy changed my desire for school. Though I still went, I was in and out of jail since 13 years-old. At 17 years-old I was, attending Fort Richmond Collegiate high school during the evening, while taking industry welding at Winnipeg Technical College during the day, which is now MITT. This all came to a halt due to my extra curricular activities. I was only supposed to lend a shotgun to an associate for five hundred dollars. I delivered the shot gun, but this man needed help committing an armed robbery. My ego, being the thug that I was got the best of me. I committed the armed robbery. I got caught because my associates got caught and leaked my name. I was sentenced 2 years in jail. I went in on my 18th birthday and got out on my 20th birthday.

I’m now jail free. Time to get a job. I worked at various manual labor companies. I got fired or was unable to continue because I couldn’t stay awake. So back to the street hustle it was. My mother told me I should be on disability because of my situation. I decided to apply after I had my first child and I couldn’t live with the mother. That was at age 22 when I applied and got accepted for disability benefits.

The interesting part started at age 25 when I really wanted to understand narcolepsy, so I searched. I tried Western medicine but it hurt my liver and kidneys more than it kept me awake. So I refused the medication that seemed like it would hurt me before helping me. The more I started to look for answers, the more I became conscious of my black existence. Then I came across the information that the medical industry is purely based around the Caucasian body type. Yes, I’m telling you the black body is very different from the Caucasians. The black body is so advanced that the medical industry and food industry cater to destroying the black body. How you may ask?

The key to the game that they don’t understand is MELANIN. Also known as carbon on the periodic table. Melanin if catered to, will make you an immortalist. Meaning death by natural causes are impossible. Disease is impossible. Connection to the universe is through the purity of the body or how active your melanin is. This information shocked the lights out of me. Now what is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a mental condition, it’s where the pineal glands activity is dysfunctional therefore producing irregular levels of melatonin. What could be messing with the production of my melanin? Now here we are same old story. A system that was never built to strengthen black people. A system made to cut us down. My story is your story except different variables.

I share my story to let you know your medical doctor has no vested interest in your true health weather he knows it or not. I share with you this because I have found the answer to most of our inherent illnesses. We are a race being educated on our health by babies that subconsciously have an inferiority complex.

I’ve been testing my body for the last two years. It’s the diet black family. The western diet is clogging our intestinal tract. Bringing parasites into our body. Helping parasites live through the diet. I had eczema cured it myself. Asthma cured it myself. Narcolepsy cured it myself. All from diet and a herbal supplements. Then I went back to eating garbage. Eczema back, asthma back, trouble staying awake returned. My grandmother had carpel tunnel, she has it no more. Hippocrates cured all diseases with herbs. Pharmaceuticals use herbs to make the synthetic version.

My story is real and so is yours. Our health conditions will be dependent on your birth chart. Yes I’m saying you can literally find out your strengths and weaknesses from your birth chart. It’s like telling the future so you avoid pitfalls.

Please don’t believe me, test your body out. Eat and track your energy levels. If you’re getting tired after you eat, you are hurting your body. If you got tired when you slept you would question sleeping. Stay as natural as you can, eat an alkaline diet, grow your own food if you can.

I created a website that will be ready in a month. Details about health and other things will be available. The best herbal supplement I know of is from a company called Akashic Medicine. Look for my website You can ask me questions or whatever you feel. I hope my journey brings light to your journey or at least mild entertainment. Thanks Peak Magazine for being an outlet my story which is our story with different variables.

So many of our bodies health conditions can be improved or healed when we eat well and build an understanding of our bodies. Keep it 100.


Kamal Abbas Aadideva El

Kamal Abbas Aadideva El

Kamal Abbas Aadideva El is in the service business. Among all things he is striving to be a marketing genius. Everything Kamal does has to do with serving the public. He believes his strength and success is deeply rooted through public impact, with a service or product that will positively change the life of the customer. Kamal writes, produces, mix and masters music. Kamal passions are real estate, martial arts, black biology, raising his children, cosmology, and building wealth for the next generation.