mixed media of a galaxy with bitty sitting in front of a box of zines in

By: Bitty


My name is Bitty. I am a two-spirit art creating, youth centering, forest wandering, garden growing, kick ass crip* with maternal roots of Lkwungen, Quw’utsun’ and Lummi descent and paternal roots of mixed-Irish/French/Euro ancestry. Two-spirit for me means Indigenous queer survivance and is a next generation’s ancient acknowledgement of the roles and gifts that come with having the ability to strongly connect with and move through both feminine and masculine aspects of self. . .whether externally, internally or both. Living two-spirit is resistance to the colonial disruption and shaming of Indigenous views of gender fluidity and sexuality.For me, crip means that I live with chronic and invisible illness which has touched every part of my being and shaped the differently abled and paced lifelong journey that I am on. I love being a two-spirit crip and a part of rebuilding two-spirit community, pride and awareness. I use drawing, watercolour, photography and writing as a tool of empowerment and as a way of expressing everyday life.

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