Stinging Nettle

stinging neetle with text that reads "uses by Coast Salish people: the whole plant is used in brushing areas of the body to counteract rheumatic pains. the plant is filled with chlorophyll and minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium. young shoots are boiled (boiling removes stinging) and eaten like spinach. dried and used as tea"
Photographed on Quw'utsun Territories by Bitty
Black and white mixed media photo of bitty sitting on their knees in a galactic universe. Their shirt reads "retribution will be swift"


My name is Bitty. I am two-spirit and I make art. I have maternal Coast Salish roots of Lkwungen, Quw’utsun and Lummi descent and paternal roots of mixed Irish, French and Euro ancestry. The art I contributed about Matriarch Camp is a piece I drew to fundraise to sustain camp and out of a deep respect and gratitude to Ma’amtagila grandmother Tsastilqualus Ambers Umbas and the young matriarchs, warrior womxn and salmon protectors who hold the space that is Matriarch Camp.